Bastien Levesque




  • Dexterity
    - Lightning Sprinter
  • Stamina
    - Holy Fortitude
    - Solipsistic Well-Being
  • Perception
    - Predatory Focus
  • Wits
    - Rabbit Reflexes

As a child of Bastet, he has inherited her feline grace and speed. Though he does not live up to the richness like many of her other children, Bastien uses his natural talents to live an normal, underachieving life. He does not look for anything extravagant, but the simple. Bastien is a bicycle courier by trade, riding about the city without reason to care for traffic, or much else in between deliveries.

He wouldn’t say that he has a stressed relationship with his divine mother, but it could be better. Out of all of her children, she is most disappointment in the choices Bastien has made. Like any good mother, however, she doesn’t want to give up on him, but rather give him opportunities to prove why he born Scion and not just a mortal.

She is constantly arguing with her brother Horus about the superiority of her children, trying to one-up him and and all of his successes. The birthrights given to Bastien reflect that. In order to challenge his sister, Horus gave her a relic specially made for Bastien, in exchange for something of hers for one of his children.


Bastien Levesque

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