Rorie Tea Dresden



  • Key
    - Wards
  • Pendant
    - Magic
    - Chaos
  • Armband
    - Fire


  • Strength
    - Hurl to the Horizon
  • Stamina
    - Solipsistic Well-Being
  • Manipulation
    - God’s Honest
  • Perception
    - Subliminal Warning
  • Intelligence
    - Perfect Memory

Rorie Tea’s mother is a CEO of a major news network. Ever since Rorie was little, she was made to understand that if you wanted anything, you had to work for it. However, you would be a fool to ignore the privileges given to you. However, Rorie’s father, Loki, was a totally different storm. He spoke to her in dreams, visiting her seldom, usually taking the form of an animal so as to avoid detection from the other Aesir. Loki showed her how to lie, cheat, and steal. He taught her the history of herself and what her purpose was. She called him “Daddy”, but she knew he was her tool. As she grew, he gave her tasks and presents when she did well.

After school, Rorie entered her mother’s company as a low level gopher. She never exploited her mother’s position in the company, and instead worked her way up the ladder. She connived and sabotaged in order to get what she want, each time letting the blame fall on someone else. Now she is a director of three crews of reporters, camera men, sound guys, and others. She is unique among the directors, going to the sites and helping frame and present the stories. Little does anyone know that she is also directing the events into how she wants them to spin.

She has the world wrapped around her finger!


Rorie Tea Dresden

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